Energy Solutions

One of the major challenges building owners face with running their buildings is managing energy consumption. Synergy works with our customers on customizable energy solutions for HVAC and lighting, based on their specific needs.
Synergy works with end users to develop custom energy monitoring dashboards that are efficient and effective for real time monitoring of energy consumption. Synergy customizes the interface for our customers to provide an intuitive scalable user experience.
These features help building operators quickly identify and resolve internal environmental issues, while improving efficiencies and reduce budgets through flexible schedule occupancy management.

Synergy also works with building owners to secure grant programs in order to help fund their projects. The above case study shows just two of six central plants that were completed in under 2 months for Jefferson Parish Schools, all paid for through energy efficiency grants. The program provided an immediate return on investment, while allowing the end user to monitor critical pieces of equipment for their largest schools. This allowed them not only to save money on energy consumption, but reduce the amount of service calls by being able to troubleshoot issues remotely.

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