Synergy provides HVAC system control and building automation by designing and then installing an open protocol BACnet network of programmed device controllers. These controllers communicate with each other and with a main building controller, which is connected to one or more workstations. The customer can use the workstation(s) to view and modify system status. System monitoring/control can be done locally or remotely, depending on the customer's requirements.

Please read on to review our product lines and some examples of how they are used.

Field Devices

Field devices (such as the MS4-TH thermostat, pictured below) provide the information and control points for each equipment controller. These devices are physically connected to their associated equipment controllers, and are installed by Synergy technicians on site. The MS4-TH is a touchscreen combination temperature/humidity sensor, most often used to measure spaces served by VAVs, single zone air handling units, and fan coil units. More information on field devices and our vendors can be found at the bottom of the page.


Equipment Controller

Alerton VLC: Virtual Logic Controllers (VLCs), such as the Alerton VLC-853, are used to control and monitor HVAC equipment. These controllers are all located on site, typically as near to the controlled equipment as possible, and communicate to each other and the main building controller through an MSTP connection.


Main Building Controller

Alerton ACM: The Ascent Control Module, or ACM, can support multiple MSTP network trunks and can be set up to connect directly to a networked user workstation or to be accessible through a password protected IP connection. All equipment controllers will communicate on MSTP networks that are connected to the ACM. A different type of main building controller can be found in the Honeywell section below.



The workstation can be one computer connected to the ACM or, if the customer requires, it can be any computer capable of connecting to a designated IP address for the building automation system. The workstation will view and modify equipment status through a program called Alerton Ascent Compass. This is a web-based user interface that is built individually for each unique job/system which allows the end user to view and modify all equipment monitoring and control points.

Main Building Controller (continued)

The Tridium JACE (produced by Honeywell) is an alternative building controller to the ACM. Like an ACM, the JACE gives the capability for end users to connect to a system either locally or remotely. It uses a different graphics package (does not use Alerton Ascent Compass) but can still function as part of a native BACnet system.

Field Devices (continued)

Certain field devices that we use, such as damper actuators (shown on left below) and VAV duct temperature sensors (shown on right below), are produced by Siemens. Synergy is also capable of installing native BACnet systems using Siemens equipment controllers, typically connected to a JACE building controller.

Other vendors for our field devices include:

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