Equip Your Facilities With Leading-Edge Control Systems

Synergy Building Solutions

Synergy Building Solutions is the local New Orleans area dealer for Alerton that also carries a complementary portfolio of partner suppliers to round out our complete offering for comprehensive open systems integration. Synergy Building Solutions engineers and technicians are trained by Alerton to design, program, startup, and commission native BACnet Alerton systems and to integrate to third-party BACnet control systems.

Synergy Building Solutions provides innovative, cost-effective control solutions and web-based facility automation across a spectrum of facility types, including commercial buildings, government facilities, schools, universities, and retail locations. We provide technologies and support from the field device to the enterprise layer.

Having installed integrated systems containing all major brands of controls and mechanical equipment, Synergy Building Solutions is the local expert in open protocol systems. These systems give our clients the ability to pull data from remote equipment over large geographic areas. We help our clients analyze and interpret that data, utilizing our local expertise to recommend solutions to resolve the most challenging issues building managers face day to day.

In addition to our technical control systems capabilities, Synergy Building Solutions has over 60 years of combined industry experience in building systems spanning the areas of HVAC, central plants, air distribution systems, fire and life safety, critical environments, lighting control systems, and energy optimization, conservation, and retrofits. Our management staff’s combined industry experience is utilized and relied upon by our diverse client base to provide cost-effective, long-lasting building solutions.

Synergy Building Solutions is truly dedicated to providing our clients with solutions that provide real value and last for the life of their facilities.  

Synergy Building Solutions began business in November 2008.